Spring 2018

Theme: Generation

First Place

The Casuals: Will Hemond, Kunal Sharda, Kevin Liu, Aneesh Edara

The casuals developed a productivity-centric Alexa skill: a unique way to keep us on top of our tasks using a reminder system with integration of Amazon Alexa and automated text messages. By effectively splitting their tasks and taking on new languages, this team created a successful prototype which they assure you will help you "generate a better self"!

Second Place

The Crawdaddys: Scott Crawshaw, Ben Stewart

The Crawdaddys set out this morning to play with words — and ended up building an AI slang generator. Using an LSTM recurrent neural network trained on Urban Dictionary, combined with a profanity filter they built, these two hackers built a system that created hilarious and surprisingly coherent “definitions,” like “Atheism: a statement used to describe a person who is really cool,” or “Dorky: a person on the show ‘Starbucks’.” Their project cracked us all up, and at the same time they learned a lot about AI and linguistics!

Third Place

Dream Team: Reid Dugas, Angelo Campbell

Dream Team developed an extremely sleek maze generator using a custom algorithm to produce challenging—but necessarily solvable—mazes. Built in Scratch, this project featured a novel game mode in which users must race against a unit of slime filling in the mase and blocking the user's path, as well as integration with groovy user controlled background music.

Judge's Choice Award

SODA: Brock Dyer, Thomas Schaefer, Celine Aubuchon, Allison Oldakowski

Soda worked on a top-down roguelike game where one of the team members had to run away from many bosses trying to chase her. They worked for the most of their time on creating a 2d tile system in unity, with all of their members barely knowing anything about Unity or C# coming in. They were dedicated to their craft, ending with a functional game. Even though they ended with a couple unintentional features revolving around killing the bosses, they should be proud of all they accomplished and learned at HackExeter this year.

Developer’s Award

Team Connor: Connor Ogorchock, Mustafa Eyceoz, James Harkins, and Ben Larson

After a "chaotic" Dungeons and Dragons game the other night, Team Connor set out to build the foundation for an augmented reality D&D renderer. Coming in without any Unity knowledge, Team Conor developed a functional render-engine that displays D&D characters on top of cards users place before a camera, and plans to expand the project with live character stat updates and more renderable characters. Way to go, Connor & Team!

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