Spring 2017

Theme: Easter Eggs

First Place

Coders of Tomorrow: Nimish Garg, Edward Song, and Srinivas Lade

Coming in with little idea of what they wanted to do except an interest in making augmented pokemon figures, this team turned to a different different type of battle, tanks. The ammo: Easter Eggs. So we'd like to tank them very much for their contribution to this hackathon. Building on a real world map they brought interaction between the virtual world and real life.

Second Place

Team Connor: Connor Ogorchock, Mustafa Eyceoz, Jimmie Harkins, and Ben Larson

With nothing but four sharp coders, C# experience, and Connor, Team Connor learned JavaScript game development and produced a easter egg-related game so addicting we never wanted to stop playing.

Third Place

Aerosoft: Vinay Chinnam, Nikita Kasumov, Andrew Yang, and Arya Mahajan

Entering the HackExeter Arena with nothing but their four intelligent minds and six different computer, Aerosoft created a facial recognition chrome extension that would create complex keys for all your passwords and let you unlock them by your face! Very useful.

Judge's Choice Award

Analemma Paradigm: Owen McClure, Brock Dyer, Andrew Ostrosky, and Thomas Schaefer

Determined to make something amazing, this team essentially attempted to simulate an oscilloscope on their computer, using a native soundboard to draw lissajous figures from 2-dimensional inputs. Hampered only by Java’s unbelievably slow square root function, which caused trailing in their display, they leave HackExeter with a firm understanding of the mathematics behind rotating graphics in 2-d space and many directions for future exploration.

Developer’s Award

Mighty Ducks: Kevin Liu, Aneesh Edara, Aviral Mishra

Duck, duck,...feed! Entering with little experience in Python or it’s GDK library, these aquatic birds from Acton Boxborough quickly progressed to using three webscrapers and parallel webpage downloads to put together a unique desktop app for searching for and subscribing to RSS feeds from across the internet. Mighty indeed.

Built by the HackExeter Team