Winter 2015

First Place

"Eye Spy," by Ankur, Bhanu, Sahil, and Kareem.

This team did some pretty heavy image processing to allow a user to move their mouse simply rolling their eyes. The team had to research academic papers on eye tracking, untangle the Java bindings for OpenCV, and implement some missing fundamental matrix operations themselves. This team recieved our first place prize, a Pebble watch for each team member.

Second Place

"A Quest for Knowledge," by Nikhil, Neokai, Peter, and John.

This team came up with a clever one-shot-wonder way to make an endless trivia game. They query random Wikipedia games, find the first sentence, and reove the title from it, so that it reads something like "____ (born February 12, 1988) is a professional Canadian football linebacker for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League." They come up with some alternative options and give you a fill-in-the-blank trivia question. Their game also features original art, music, and voice acting. This team recieved our second place prize, a Sphero for each team member.

Third Place

"Space Invaders Arena," by Cody, Parker, Matthew, and Marshall.

This team came back after winning Hello World from HackExeter Spring 2014, and this time they took third place. They made a fast-paced Processing game that plays like a two-player version of Space Invaders, complete with original art. This team won our third place award, a LeapMotion for each team member.

Built by the HackExeter Team