Spring 2015

Theme: Friends

First Place

Gravity Pong: Rudy Raveendran, Andrew Lee, Zach Day, Phillip Sifferlen

Coming from Lincoln-Sudbury High School, the team of relatively experienced programmers created a game that resembled the classic Pong, but with the paddles exerting a gravity field instead. Source code for their project can be found here.

Second Place

Bluetooth Trivia App: May Tomic, Sylvia van der Weide, Naomi Wharton

The Bluetooth Trivia group came in to the day with some Java programming experience and took on the challenge of learning an entirely new and difficult developing environment: Android Apps. Through many obstacles, including the relatively complex systems of Bluetooth communications, they finished with a prototype version of a game that allows two players on different phones to communicate with each other over Bluetooth and solve trivia problems. Source code for their project can be found here.

Third Place

IDE: Nathan Wolfe, Gil Rosenthal, Kalyan Palepu, Robert Cunningham

Hailing from Massachusetts, the Roxbury Latin team produced an online IDE for Java and C++ that ran a user-generated program on the server and returned the output to the user. Most of them had experience coding before, but they had never touched web programming and were unafraid to try something new. The server code can be found here.

Judge's Choice Award

C^4 (Content Considering Canvas Comparator): David Casper, Gavi Zahavi, Johnny Wei

The C^4 group was able to create a Java program that could sort through a folder of pictures and group them based on similarities such as color scheme and number of people. They did this by comparing the RGB values between pictures. Although all three were experienced with Java, we were impressed with the teamwork and final product, especially since the participants had never worked together before. A jar file for their program can be found here.

Developer’s Award

Flame: Will Davenport, James Curry, Gregory Derecho

Flame was developed by a trio of seniors, and is THE place for you to vent out your anger on the internet. It is a fully functional online chat system that gives points to you the more you flame and insult the person you’re talking to. Of course, if you use obscene words like “fact” or “logic”, your score automatically goes to zero. The Developer award is given to the group that had a very proficient final project.

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