Spring 2014

Theme: Wasted Time

First Place

"Hextris," by Logan Engstrom, Garrett Finucane, Noah Moroze, and Michael Yang.

Hextris is a game that combines elements of Tetris and Hexagon; the player must rotate their hexagon and catch falling blocks to make color combos and clear rows. The team went on to publish Hextris to the Chrome App Store and a number of different game websites. You can find their demo, which has been modified after the contest at http://hextris.github.io/hextris/, and their source on Github at http://github.com/teamsnowman/hextris/.

Second Place

"SMSLightning," by Evin Ugur, Kenneth Nero, Evan Rysdam, Joe Muller, and Jason Magri.

SMSLightning is a RESTful API for sending text messages programmatically. The team also wrote wrapper libraries for clients in many languages, including Ruby, C#, and Java. Source code for their project can be found here. A live instance of the API is running at http://salty-oasis-3517.herokuapp.com/

Third Place

"Hardcore Sprint," by Kevin Bujno and Michael Lai.

Hardcore Sprint is a fast-paced platformer game on a timer, with amazing art and fun mechanics. The full GameMaker source package can be found here.

Best Presentation

"Monster Dungeon," by Greg Cowan, Brandom Simard, Felipe Loera, and Sabastian Dongo.

Monster Dungeon is a surreal arcade-shooter game where you must fight evil rabbits only to find that you have wasted your time, as the giant cheeseburger at the end is unbeatable. The project is in Java; source available here.

Hello World (tie)

"Clock Puzzle," by Cody Mundy, Marshall Yanis, and Logan O'Malley.

This team came into the contest only knowing a little Java, and quickly picked up a game development cycle with Processing. At the presentation, they gave us their game, which featured a key, a clock, and a person, and we were asked to solve the puzzle. When we clicked, the clock ran faster, and sometimes our score increased. Only after two minutes was it revealed that we had wasted our time, as there was no solution to the puzzle. You can get a zip of their source code here.

Hello World (tie)

"The Two Doors," by Piper Bau, Sophia Campbell, Anna Sander, Irene Terpstra, and Laura Appleby

This novice team happened to be sitting near a whiteboard, and when we checked on them in the middle of the contest they had filled it with a huge directed graph. By the end of the contest, they had written an enormous story and made a game complete with music, pictures, and a cover screen. Explore a circus, ancient Egypt, and the future, only to find you have wasted your time and are back in a room with two doors: http://hackexeter.pencilcode.net/home/hackexeter. Source here.

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